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Vineyard Hotel 
P.O. Box 151,   
Newlands, 7725 
Colinton Road (off Protea Road)  
Newlands, 7700,
Cape Town, South Africa 

you are the world

"You are the world" was launched to staff of the Vineyard Hotel at the end of July 2006. This group of employees have taken it upon themselves to make a difference in the lives of the staff of the Vineyard Hotel by providing them with forms of support that will positively affect  their wellbeing. The group has implemented their project by:

Placing a notice board in the staff restaurant that keeps staff updated on all current ‘well-being’ issues.

Using a suggestion box in the staff restaurant so that staff can request assistance on issues or make anonymous ‘calls for help’.

Arranging monthly HIV/Aids educationals and meetings on various other ‘well-being’ issues.

Conducting research into various specialist areas – each member has areas of research that they research such as Diabetes.

Provide a safe environment for staff to discuss their problems.

Where necessary arrange case management for people that need ongoing assistance with chronic health problems.

daibetes1 diabeteslogo diabetes2 diabetes3

This group successfully arranged for all the staff and the guests of the Vineyard Hotel to participate in
World Diabetes Day.