We’re so lucky to live in this beautiful part of the world!

We do whatever we can to treat our environment with the love and care it deserves.


Did you know…

Our gardens are maintained using natural, eco-friendly principles, and our teams participate in invasive plant clearing as well as river and beach  clean-ups?

To reduce our energy consumption, we use LEDs and timers on external lights, provide efficient hot water storage, provide air-conditioner controls in rooms, and have energy-efficient laundry and dishwasher facilities. Green energy certificates are bought to offset some of our electricity use. The Vineyard has PVT solar and PV combined installations generating 15kWp electrical and 75kWp thermal energy and two charging bays for electric vehicles.

We have a host of water-saving initiatives in place and encourage our guests to help us conserve H2O. (PTO for some great tips!) Our water purification system allows us to use grey-water to flush all loos, while only groundwater is used in our water features.

Our restaurants follow sustainable local-sourcing practices; we also recycle more than 90% of all waste.

In late 2018, The Vineyard won international Skål Sustainable Tourism Awards in the Urban Category, and recently our new self-catering apartments received a 5-star Green Star rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa.

You can help too! Here are some easy tips to save water during your stay with us…

  • We have removed the plugs from our baths, and encourage our guests to have quick showers to save water. If you need to bath, just call reception and we’ll provide you with a plug.
  • See that bucket in your bathroom? Place it next to you in the shower and our bucket brigade will recycle the water that collects in it.
  • When flushing the loo, press the small button – it uses 50% less water.
  • Don’t let taps run while lathering your hands, brushing your teeth and shaving.
  • Help us cut down on laundry and reuse your towels – place towels that need replacing in the bath.
  • If you’re staying for a week, we will change your bed linen on the 3rd morning.
  • Please report any dripping taps and leaky pipes.
  • Use hand sanitiser instead of washing your hands.

Thank you for joining us on our Living Green journey! How about trying these tips when you get home:

  • Add aerators to your taps.
  • Pop a bucket in your shower, direct your gutters into a rainwater-collection tank and use the water collected for your own garden.
  • Start a compost heap!
  • When defrosting your fridge, use the melted ice to clean your floors.
  • Turn off lights in rooms not being used.
  • Only use your washing machine and dishwasher when you have a full load.
  • Plant your own veggie garden.

Enjoy your stay with us and please let us know if you have any conservation suggestions to add to ours!