Myoga Restaurant

Myoga explores a multitude of flavors, offering local and globalized cuisine, ideal for a casually sophisticated lunch, or an innovative dinner and decadent desserts. With awards like Conde’ Nast Best New Restaurant of the Year, 5-Star Restaurant Awards, “One Plate’’ from the Gourmet Guide and 2018 Haute Grandeur Global Restaurants Awards Winner, Myoga has become both locally and internationally acclaimed.  

Myoga’s 6-Course ‘Wild Food from Land and Sea’ Dinners

Brand new on the Cape Town culinary calendar is Myoga’s series of fascinating monthly dinners, designed and prepared by renowned restauranteur Mike Bassett and his chefs. Book Now!

Elements menu

The elements menu is a collective idea encompassing the worldly elements that depict earth, wind, fire, water, and aether. While the dishes do not strictly stem from each element, they are somehow linked with one of the elements and the while not always clear, each dish carries a thread. We suggest you choose at least 6 dishes from the menu per person as they are individually small but together, they make up the meal.

beverage list

Myoga’s impressive wine list is carefully selected to complement the restaurant’s unique food philosophy. A large variety of beverages are on offer, including imported champagnes, malts and spirits to local ‘bubblies’, dessert wines, potstill brandies, artisan beers, and a selection of cocktails, coffees and soft drinks.