New! Myoga’s 6-Course ‘Wild Food from Land and Sea’ Dinners


Myoga’s Wild Food from Land and Sea dinners feature fascinating 6-course tasting menus with the emphasis on sustainability and conscious eating. Each is a unique experience, each is an enthralling tale to tell.

20 September: Wild Food

“By foraging, I mean chefs that have muddy boots and a car trunk full of mesh bags and recycled produce boxes,” says US chef Rob Connoley. “It’s about honesty, authenticity and the integrity of what each chef is selling to the public… A foraging chef hits the woods and shores most days, and has a menu that changes just as often, based on the bounty.”

Myoga’s Chef de Cuisine Germaine Esau has a Zen approach to cooking and often uses locally foraged ingredients that he collects himself and incorporates into his menus. His natural respect for produce and deep understanding of flavours coupled with a policy of zero waste has earned him great respect.

Draw closer to nature and join Chef Germaine and foraging experts to champion sustainable practices, indigenous produce and a sense of adventure. Each course will be paired with a wine chosen to complement the dish.

6 Courses. R550pp including pairing.

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11 October: From Hook to Cook (Op sy Moer and Abalobi)

Myoga supports fishers and their families and this menu will be based on fresh fish caught by small scale fishermen and the wild roots and vegetables collected along the coast by their family members.

Abalobi is an NPO that promotes ‘traceable, storied seafood provided by empowered small-scale fishers, in a manner that is not only ecologically responsible, but also socially fair. Because who fishes matters.’

Discussions on implementation of the Small Scale Fisheries Policy and United Nations FAO guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries resulted in a suite of free apps aimed at social justice and poverty alleviation in the small-scale fisheries chain, transformation in the way we produce knowledge, stewardship of our marine resources, and building resilience in the face of climate change.

Myoga orders fish via Abalobi’s Marketplace app, which allows chefs to buy fresh fish directly from the fisher who caught them. Myoga also supports the families of fishers by purchasing coastal produce such as soutkool.

Dishes will be paired with a natural, unfined, unfiltered wine: Op Sy Moer by Neil Ellis. The name refers to the extra time this sulphur-free wine spends on the lees. 

6 courses. R550pp including wine.

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