about our history and people

The Vineyard Story spans more than two centuries. Our legendary founder, Lady Anne, built a country cottage here in 1799, and since then, as urban residence and 120 year-old hotel, it has welcomed statesmen, artists, celebrities, Nobel laureates and countless global visitors to this historic spot, served today by our 300-strong, multi-cultural, Vineyard family.

about our living green hotel

The Vineyard is an award-winning leader in ‘Responsible Hoteling’ and a certified member of Fair Trade Tourism, with many programmes and practices that support our unique ‘Living Green’ ethos. We recycle 98% of our waste, generate solar power, use water/energy saving devices and support local/ organic/fair-trade entrepreneurs. We also preserve and promote our unique Cape natural heritage. For further information please contact our group sustainability manager and horticulturist, Chris van Zyl on chris@vineyard.co.za or + 27 (0) 21 657 4500

about our kids of the cape

Taking care of people is what we do. This extends to less advantaged Cape communities, where our Kids of the Cape Fund  assists some 15 upliftment projects that provide child/youth refuge and care, education, skills-training, feeding and care of the disabled. Run by elected Hotel volunteers, the Fund also receives vital contributions from our guests.