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Cape Point from the sea
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Vineyard Hotel 
P.O. Box 151,   
Newlands, 7725 
Colinton Road (off Protea Road)  
Newlands, 7700,
Cape Town, South Africa 

local attractions

to do in cape town
to do in cape town

A comprehensive list of all the attractions ranging from shopping to nature reserves in and around Cape Town.

to view the list of activities: click here
cavendish square
cavendish square

Cavendish Square is a leading up market shopping mall just five minutes walk from the vineyard hotel and spa. Cavendish Square offer a free shuttle service to and from the Hotel and also to Kirstenbosch Gardens.
to visit their website: www.cavendish.co.za
clock tower
v & a waterfront

One of cape Towns most enjoyable shopping experiences. Live music performances in the amphitheatre, boat rides many wonderful restaurants, craft markets and a stunning selection of up market shops are on offer.
to visit their website: www.waterfront.co.za
kirstenbosch gardens

The most famous indigenous gardens in Southern Africa just around the corner from the Vineyard Hotel. Their summer concerts are spectacular and should not be missed.
to visit their website: www.sanbi.org/gardens/kirstenbosch
cape point
cape point

Situated in the 22 100 hectare Table Mountain National Park, a natural World Heritage Site , Cape Point is a bird watcher's paradise and is home to a variety of buck, baboons and other animals.
to visit their website: www.capepoint.co.za
table mountain
table mountain cableway

The best views of Cape Town are seen from the top of Table Mountain. The Cableway takes you to the summit in under 10 minutes and the cable car's rotating floor ensure that all passengers get a 360 degree aerial view.
to visit their website: www.tablemountain.net
wine routes

Cape Winelands is the largest wine producing region in the Western Cape. With a selection of over 200 cellars to choose from, you are guaranteed to taste some of the finest wines in the world.
for more information: www.tourismcapetown.co.za
newlands rugby stadium
newlands rugby stadium

Has hosted 13 South African Test Matches since unification in 1992, with 9 out of the 13 matches going in favour of South Africa.

for more information: www.newlandstours.co.za
sahara cricket stadium
sahara cricket stadium

Once known as the Newlands Cricket Stadium this famous stadium is home to all international and key provincial cricket matches.

for more information: www.newlandstours.co.za


The Legend of the "table cloth" on Table Mountain

“Captain Van Hunks lived in the shadows of Table Mountain. For many years he had sailed the seven seas, but now he was old and loved nothing more than taking a walk up the beautiful slopes of the mountain. He would walk up to his favourite spot, under an ancient tree at the top of the mountain. Once there he would settle himself on a large rock, take out his old pipe, light it, lean back against the trunk of the tree and gaze down at the beauty of Table Bay below him. Van Hunks loved the peacefulness of this place – nobody else ever came this high up the mountain.

One day, as Van Hunks walked the last few paces towards his usual position, he was startled to see someone else sitting exactly where he normally sat. It was a strange looking man, dressed all in black, with a large hat pulled down over most of his face.

Van Hunks was even more astonished when the man greeted him by his name. However, not wishing to appear impolite, he sat down next to him and they began to talk. Van Hunks started boasting about his tobacco and the fact that he was the only man who could smoke as much of it as he did. The other man replied that he could easily smoke as much as Van Hunks. Van Hunks was angry at this and challenged the man to a smoking contest. He placed a huge pile of his tobacco between the two of them and they filled their pipes and lit them.

All day the two men sat, smoking the whole time and the clouds of smoke around them grew and grew. People down below looked up and marveled at the huge clouds of smoke that had started billowing around the Table Mountain. As the day progressed the clouds grew bigger and bigger until the whole top of the mountain was covered.

Van Hunks was growing tired and hot and he noticed that the man with him was not looking too happy himself. But still they continued to smoke. Then suddenly the man leaned forward, unable to continue and his hat fell off revealing who he really was. Van Hunks staggered back in fright.….. it was the devil himself! He realised what he had achieved – he had beaten the devil in the contest. But the devil was not pleased at being beaten by a human and in an instant, with a loud clap of thunder, both men vanished in a puff of smoke.

The legend goes that, when the south-easter wind blows and the cloud covers the mountain,
Van Hunks and the Devil are smoking again. ”