Clarification on Covid19 Cases


We hosted both the South African cricket side and the visiting England team from 16 November in a bio-safe space for their three T20 Internationals and three One Day Internationals.

You may have seen in recent media reports that one of the cricket players tested positive for Covid19 on Thursday, 3 December. The following day, at our routine testing, two of our staff members tested positive.

We again tested the remaining staff working and living in the bio-secure area on Saturday, 5 December, and all of them returned negative results.

At this stage, it is not clear how the two staff members became infected as neither had left the bio-secure area since 16 November. They do not work on the same team, nor in the same zone area.

Those infected were isolated in accommodation prepared for just this eventuality, some distance from the hotel.

With the departure of the teams, we have undertaken a thorough deep-sanitisation process. We ensured that all safety protocols were met in full before reopening to welcome our new guests.

Please be assured that our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our staff and you, our much-anticipated festive season guests.