Movers & Shakers

Ndaba Dube has long been a star in the Vineyard Team. Joining us a barman, he has worked his way up the ranks, first as Maitre’D, before being appointed Manager of The Square Restaurant. With flair and personality, Ndaba entered the world of hospitality as a part-time waiter, but quickly showed that hospitality was in his blood.

Says Dube, “I worked as a barman for a while, which built my confidence and made me more comfortable when speaking to guests. Building relationships is one of my biggest motivators, and this stems from my passion for people and interest in the varied personalities I encounter in the line of duty,” explains Dube.

He was handpicked to join the team as a barman – with the Food & Beverage team looking for someone who was eager to be coached and had a thirst and passion to succeed. The strategy of grooming Dube for a managerial role has now become a reality. Having shown great character, temperament and a hunger for success, Dube has also completed his WSETs Level 1 and 2 wine and spirit exams, with excellent results.