When the manor house was built, there were almost 22 000 vines at The Vineyard, hence the name. In October 2008, approximately 350 years after the first vineyards were planted in this area, five renowned wine producers helped us re-establish a private vineyard on the banks of the Liesbeek River. This year Villiera Wines joins Klein Constantia, Meerlust, Simonsig, and Waterford as one of The Vineyard’s official wine partners.   


Each wine partner graciously takes a turn to craft the wines produced from our Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon vines, and we are excited to see what Villiera will conjure from our grapes when their turn comes. 


The Grier family has built Villiera Wines into one of South Africa’s largest private wineries while maintaining environmentally friendly management practices that saw the estate being awarded the Drinks Business Green Company of the Year award in 2017. (For example, insecticides have not been used for 12 years at the farm.)

Friends of the Vineyard Hotel are invited every year to prune our vines, attend the harvest dinner and watch the bottling of the wine.


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