For many years, we have focused on sustainable hospitality at The Vineyard, Townhouse and Oude Werf Hotel. There is always more we can do but our guests can rest assured that we will continue to add to our inventory of energy-, waste- and water-saving initiatives. We are also Fair Trade certified and are responsible employers and involved members of our communities. Learn more 

Our solar panels generate electricity and we recycle 90% of our waste a month. Thanks to our water-saving initiatives, fittings and appliances, our grey-water treatment plant and the responsible use of the groundwater available to us, our need to draw from Cape Town’s municipal grid has been reduced to negligible quantities.

We invite you to join us on our sustainable journey and request that you use the resources of our beautiful city with care. We live in a water scarce region and ask that you keep showers short and follow the other tips you will find in your bathroom and around the hotel and help us do our bit to conserve this precious resource.

The City of Cape Town has amended the water restriction guidelines to level 3 (1 December 2018). Personal water consumption has been increased to 105 liters per person per day see more info here: 

We will make it easy for you to reduce your water consumption during your stay with us. Simply follow these tips:

  • Close taps when soaping hands, shaving or brushing teeth.
  • Place the bucket provided in the shower when showering. We recycle the excess water it collects.
  • Reduce your time in the shower by making use of the shower timer in your bathroom. A shower uses 15 -18 litres per minute.
  • Reuse your towels and linen to reduce laundry requirements. We will only wash towels we find in the bath and if you are staying for more than a week, we will change your bed linen on the fourth morning.
  • Use the hand sanitizer dispensers instead of washing your hands with water.


May you fall asleep to the best lullaby in the world: the sound of rain!