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Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water,

the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effect.

– The Dalai Lama

The water shortage in Cape Town has reached critical levels. Discover the difference you can make. Help us save what’s left.


Vineyard Hotel water saving initiatives





What you can do while staying with us:

  • Close taps when soaping hands, shaving or brushing teeth
  • Take showers instead of baths. We have removed bath plugs in the hope that guests will shower instead of taking a bath. If you need to bath, please contact reception and our concierge will arrange a plug for you.  May we then suggest you draw a shallow bath? Every drop counts
  • Reduce your time in the shower by making use of the shower timer in your bathroom.  A 10-minute shower at the Vineyard Hotel uses 90 litres. If you reduce your shower time to 5 minutes, you can half your consumption
  • Reuse your towels to reduce laundry requirements. We will only wash towels we find in the bath. So if you need your towels changed, please consign them to the tub. Otherwise, we will hang them up for you to reuse
  • Report drips and leaks
  • Using the hand sanitizer dispensers instead of washing your hands with water
  • Push the ‘half flush’ button (the small button) when you flush. It uses 50% less water than the full flush (large button)

What we are doing:

  • R5-million spent on water-saving initiatives over the past 5 years
  • 654 hours devoted to water thirsty alien vegetation clearing in 2016
  • Our basins all have aerators on the taps
  • Paper towels instead of hand towels in public lavatories reduce laundry load
  • Recycle laundry water, for first wash of the next load
  • Collect and use all unfinished bottled water for floor washing
  • Grey-water infrastructure is in place to facilitate the future supply of greywater to flush our toilets
  • Only use borehole irrigation for our gardens and swimming pools
  • Mulching and composting prevent soil evaporation
  • Water-wise air-conditioning chiller unit installed
  • And lots more… but we need your help


saving water vineyard hotel

When you drink the water, remember the spring… – Chinese Proverb

This precious resource will continue to be a concern in South Africa, and beyond our borders, for years to come. Explore the ideas below received from guests to save every drop – then post yours on the Vineyard Facebook page using #H2oh

  • Shorten your shower to less than 5 minutes (purchase a shower timer from reception before you leave)
  • Sometimes a bath is unavoidable – make sure it’s shallow
  • There’s nothing wrong with air heads. Put them in your taps at home
  • Install taps with a motion-sensor where possible
  • Use hand sanitiser instead of washing with water
  • Half full or half empty? Who cares as long as we’re saving the other half. Choose the half-flush button on your loo if you have the option – or place a brick in the cistern to reduce the water used during a single flush
  • Investigate the cost of rain-water tanks and a grey-water system. The money you’ll save on your water bill will quickly cover the cost
  • These are easy DIY measures anyone can take: put buckets under your downpipes to catch the rain coming off your roof; shower with a bucket; put a basin in your kitchen sink; save the water from your washing machine (lead the outflow pipe into a large drum)… You will be astounded at how much water you’ll save for flushing loos and watering your garden
  • When defrosting your fridge, use the melted ice to clean floors
  • Only use your dishwasher and washing machine once you have a full load (maybe those towels and sheets can wait another day?). Check your appliances for eco cycles and short rinse options
  • Close the tap while you shave or brush your teeth
  • Encourage your children to be leak-detecting-superheroes!
  • Don’t buy bottled water – it takes six times the amount of water in the bottle to produce it
  • Find out if your city has clear spring water points. Cape Town has several that are open to the public
  • Keep a cover on your pool to avoid evaporation

Never were truer words spoken than Benjamin Franklin’s: “When the well is dry, we will know the worth of water.”  Thank you for joining our water-wise team and helping us keep the Cape from drying out. Travel safely and come back soon.

May you fall asleep to the best lullaby in the world: the sound of rain!